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26 Nov 2005

USB Beverage Chiller

The CoolIT USB Beverage Chiller is the only way to keep your drink cold while you’re at your computer. And it looks cool on any desktop! More…
22 Nov 2005

How To Handle a Hangover

Ah, the hangover. That inevitable cost of drinking overly of the magic beer. Why, we cry, hasn’t science cured it? Hell, we can clone sheep, fly a man to the moon, we can make a man a
21 Nov 2005

Liquor industry mourns Erceg

Despite the competitive nature of New Zealand’s liquor business, brewery chiefs are mourning the death of an industry leader in a helicopter crash. After two weeks of searching, the bodies of liquor multimillionaire Michael Erceg and his
21 Nov 2005

Green bottles doing the rounds

The Green Man brewery is really living up to its name – caring for the environment and not creating waste. The boutique Dunedin brewery, run by Tom Jones, of Dunedin, has been collecting and stockpiling used Euro
16 Nov 2005

Brewery Open Day – Saturday 12th November
14 Nov 2005

Regional beer losing flavour

Speight’s and premium beers are continuing to make inroads in the regional beer market as drinkers become more “promiscuous”, Lion Nathan chief executive Rob Murray says. “Most drinkers would say they have a mainstream brand (such as
14 Nov 2005


BEER PRODUCTION – NZ TOTALS FOR THE SEPTEMBER 2005 QUARTER ALE, BEER AND STOUT, ALL TYPES LITRES Bottled – under 400ml 34,852,000Bottled – over 400ml 4,385,000Canned 13,626,000Tap (Bulk) 19,381,000 Total 72,243,000
14 Nov 2005

DB toasts 20pc profit growth

DB‘s operating profit in the 12 months to September was S$55.3 million ($47 million), up 20 per cent on the previous year. Revenue was S$414.2 million, up 8 per cent. Lion Nathan’s New Zealand operating profit declined
14 Nov 2005

Beer Is Good

Flash Animation: Beer Is Good Info: Death metal, beer, and cheezy flash animation. Download 1.3Mb Click to watch
14 Nov 2005

First drink of the day

Funny flash animation Click here to watch