Monthly Archive:: January 2006

24 Jan 2006

Best brews – Consumer Magazine

Our tasting panel sampled 46 summer beers. Most of the mainstream golden lagers were disappointing, but some great beers still stood out. We give you a heads-up on what to buy. There’s nothing better than a cool
24 Jan 2006

Hallertau: Coatesville-Riverhead Highway

For our version you drive to the end of the Northwestern Motorway and go past lots of green stuff full of soft and cuddly future barbecue fare. When you get to the restaurant-cum-brewery-cum-winery, you recognise it by
23 Jan 2006

Ashes Win = Free Beer

Not for me obviously but… When England won the Ashes last year there was a bit of publicity about Andrew “Freddy” Flintoff gaining the freedom of his home city. One of the benefits was listed at the
22 Jan 2006

Keep alcohol sponsorship for sports

Brand advertising, the genre that gives so much money to sport and culture, is essentially defensive. It does little more than keep a brand in the public eye so that the name remains familiar and its image
21 Jan 2006

Beer or Wine Drinkers: Who’s Healthier?

Wine drinkers have long been known to have lower rates of heart disease. But do the health benefits of wine come from the wine itself? Or are wine drinkers just healthy eaters in general? According to a
21 Jan 2006

Come to the pub and get T-totalled

Wanaka’s brand new Speights Ale House seems the perfect place for a quiet bevvy, except for one small thing – it doesn’t sell beer. The waterfront pub has been a bar without beer since before Christmas and
21 Jan 2006

What, no keg? Beer gets a makeover

As wine, vodka and whiskey grab market share from beer, leading brewers have crafted a new industrywide campaign that’s aimed at “fighting back the enemy” by touting — get this — the finer aspects of beer. Full
21 Jan 2006

Cheers and tears over a beer

An industry-wide trend towards increased sales of “premium” beer has presented a dilemma for brewers, including Lion. While the higher margins it makes on sales of beers like Stella Artois are attractive, they come at the expense
21 Jan 2006

Putting the roar back into Lion

Rival DB has been eroding Lion’s position, in part by looking away from the TV screen. Their enduring “Yeah right” Tui billboard has achieved the ultimate in advertising success: becoming part of Kiwi culture (not to mention
16 Jan 2006

Updates made to NZ Brewery List

I am currently working on making updates to the Brewery List on If you can help to complete the details or suggest a brewery I may have missed please send me an email. There are still