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28 Apr 2006

EPIC Pale Ale – Supreme Champion – NZ Beer Awards

EPIC Pale Ale – Supreme Champion – New Zealand Beer Awards Full Results EPIC – Official Website
28 Apr 2006

Brewery Open Day

For those that missed our first open day we are having another one. == 20th May 2006 == We will have more details shortly.
24 Apr 2006

Is today’s beer all image over reality?

So Foster’s bought in the UK is now not only brewed here, it is also owned by a British firm. Four out of every five pints of Fosters are now brewed by a UK firm. Full Story
24 Apr 2006

Ben & Jerry’s sorry for ‘Black & Tan’ upset

Ice cream makers Ben & Jerry’s have apologised for causing offence by calling a new flavour “Black & Tan” – the nickname of a notoriously violent British militia that operated during Ireland’s war of independence. [check out
24 Apr 2006

Scientists working on beer for menopause

Women struggling with the discomforts of menopause may soon find relief in a cold glass of beer. Experts in the Czech Republic are working on a beer specifically brewed for women experiencing hot flashes, troubling sleeping and
20 Apr 2006

Photos from Seattle – World Beer Cup 2006

I have uploaded some images from my week in Seattle, judging at the World Beer Cup and attending the Craft Brewers Conference. I also had the privilege to attend a 9 course dinner with Michael Jackson with
20 Apr 2006

Cheers to Beer: Amazing Benefits

What if your doctor prescribed you a medicine that could reduce strokes, heart and vascular disease, and the incidence of cataracts and breast cancer cells? You would take it every day, right? Well, you won’t have to
17 Apr 2006

Beer Wars – A Classic

Three Reasons to love Beer Wars: It is about beerIt is a homage to Star WarsBudweiser stuff gets blown up. What else could you ever need? Glass Tip: The ever erudite Geoff Griggs
13 Apr 2006

RateBeer wants New Zealanders

Every day or two I catch up with the tasting notes of Sam, a friend of mine currently on his OE in Europe. We might go for several weeks without speaking but I always know what beer
13 Apr 2006

World Beer Cup #2

The World Beer Cup website is here. The New Zealand breweries who have entered are: Cock and Bull Epic Lion Mac’s Martinbourough Brewing Company Best of luck to all. Glass Tip: yalnikim (aka Stu)