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31 May 2006 website updates

Recently added: Breweries of NZ List – “Graphical Brewery/Brewpub Finder”Kindly created by Greg McGill using and linked from Also from this page each brewery has a link to their page on This will now
31 May 2006

EPIC Pale Ale – Links To Packaging Videos

EPIC – Labelling Bottles (part 11 of 14) (14 secs) EPIC – Labelling Bottles (part 10 of 14) (32 secs) EPIC – Bottles Ex-pasturizer(part 9 of 14) (27 secs) EPIC – Bottles Ex-pasturizer (part 8 of 14)
31 May 2006

Amstel Light setting its sights on 50%

” Amstel Light is continuing its march upwards with latest figures showing the brand’s share of the light beer market to be at a staggering 46.9 %, up 6.6% from June 05. “ Full Press Release [Total
28 May 2006


OLDER drinkers are turning their backs on beer and switching to wine. Analysts say the trend is being driven by the UK’s over-50s developing a taste for smaller but stronger drinks. They predict beer consumption will halve
27 May 2006

Wellington Wanderings

Recent wanderings around Wellington have unearthed some nice changes at The Malthouse and continuing quality at my old favourite Bar Edward. The Malthouse has upped the ante recently. I’ve always found the beer quality to be a
27 May 2006

The Internet Is Good For Beer?

27 May 2006

Bowman’s Beer

Na, Na and thrise Naa mate. As much as I would be happy to claim fame on the beers, Bowman Beer has nothing to do with me except the name. The Pale ale is quality and the
25 May 2006

Breweries call for tougher drinking rules

[BREWERIES = 2 OF 51 BREWERIES IN NZ] [WHERE IS THE VOICE OF THE OTHER 49 BREWERIES?] Beer companies want teenagers banned from drinking in public places and barred from driving with any alcohol in their blood
24 May 2006

425 years of Young’s London brewing heritage to be lost

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) is disappointed by the announcement today (May 23nd) that Young’s will close the Ram Brewery in central Wandsworth and move production to Bedford by October 2006. Young’s has set up a
24 May 2006

Artificially sweetened booze packs more punch

Alcoholic drinks mixed with artificial sweeteners get you drunker, new research finds. Alcoholic drinks mixed with artificial sweeteners get you drunker, new research finds. Full Story