Monthly Archive:: July 2006

31 Jul 2006

DB launches German wheat beer

Kiwis with a taste for specialty beer will be doubly cheerful in September. That’s when DB launches Germany’s Erdinger wheat beer in New Zealand – just in time for Oktoberfest. The Erdinger Brewery produces only wheat beers
31 Jul 2006

Crouching Tiger

Some updates are arriving on the Croucher Brewing website, and there’s some good news around availability for Auckland beer lovers.   I’ve recently tasted an early batch of the Croucher Pale Ale and was very impressed – definitely
24 Jul 2006

Extracting the Urine

We’re all well aware of the age-old comparison between beer and human waste-water. The joke is often indulged in by young drinkers arguing over the subtle nuances in their particular choice of mass-produced macro “lager”, as if
24 Jul 2006

BrewNZ News

Regular updates are occurring, in a rather sporadic and jumbled manner, at the BrewNZ website.  A summary of the news, so far, includes: Host Venues: The Southern Cross – Martinborough Brewing Co. Paramount – Island Bay Brewing Co.
23 Jul 2006

EPIC tasting in Wellington

The Malthouse – 5pm, Thurday 3rd August – come and have a taste of EPIC Pale Ale (from the tap) with head brewer Luke Nicholas. (Also a chance to sample Monk’s Habit). Both beers will be available
22 Jul 2006

The world’s coldest-ever draught beer, served at minus 2.5ºC.

Why would you bother drinking something this cold? Link
22 Jul 2006

How to Keep Beer Cold

The Experiment Beer drinking is one of the world’s favorite pastimes. So as the weather started heating up, we felt a scientific duty to investigate this burning beer-related question: what is the most effective beer can cozy?
20 Jul 2006

Foodstuffs opens stand-alone stores to beat spirits ban

Grocery giant Foodstuffs enters the $1.1 billion take-home liquor market next month when its first Duffy & Finn store opens in Wellington. A second store will open in Pukekohe in November as Foodstuffs tries to break the
20 Jul 2006

The ultimate NZ road-trip. Must see breweries

A new and lively topic has started in the forum. If you have any useful comments please post them. ====================================Over the next 2-3 months my work requires me to visit virtually every town & city in this
17 Jul 2006

Warehouse pulled up over “Belgian beer’ ad

Incensed at being misled by an advertising flier, a beer aficionado has forced The Warehouse to change an advert claiming to sell authentic “Belgian” beer. The man travelled 25 kilometres to buy what he thought was going