Monthly Archive:: August 2006

30 Aug 2006

Swill Cutlure plus hysterical hype

Councillor wants Dunedin bottle ban 31 August 2006 A Dunedin councillor has called for the banning of bottled beer in the city, saying such a move would deprive the “Hizbollah of the South” from a supply of
28 Aug 2006

Wines for Swines

Even the world of wine suffers from the same kind of media buffoonery that is typically reserved for beer writing.   Swirling the glass helps you get a good sniff – and can also make you look a
25 Aug 2006

Where to stumble to…

I’ve updated so that it looks a bit nicer and differentiates between different types of venues. There have been a lot of changes to the underlying map service, and all the coordinates have had to be
22 Aug 2006

NZ Beer Tasting Series

Stephen Plowman of Hallertau Brewbar is hosting a series of beer tastings covering a wide range of NZ beers from different styles.  It’s a great chance for those at the northern end of the country to meet up,
21 Aug 2006

Old Speckled Hen Loses Weight

The famous speckled one is about to lose some weight, it seems: Greene King is lowering the alcoholic strength of Old Speckled Hen from 5.2 per cent to 4.5 per cent in a bid to boost sales.  By
21 Aug 2006

Bodega Banter

Fraser McInnes, well known owner of Bar Bodega in Wellington featured on Kim Hill’s “Saturday Morning” show last week. He talks about beer history, beer styles, food and beer, and a bit about the beer scene in
18 Aug 2006

New Zealand beers hop over to Shanghai

We understand it’s kind of sad, but we have to admit to getting a little excited when we learn of new foreign beers arriving on the Shanghai market. So we read with curious interest these two stories
16 Aug 2006

Where they really do love their beer

So there’s an established drinking whakapapa there and in the seven years the Malthouse has been operating, they’ve developed their tastes to the extent that it now boasts the largest range of tap beers in Australasia and
16 Aug 2006

DB gets beer order from China

An order for New Zealand beer in China is seen as showing the way for this country’s food and drink producers keen to crack the fast-growing Chinese market. DB Breweries has shipped half a container of Monteith’s
16 Aug 2006

Batemans runs out of beer

A Lincolnshire brewery is running out of beer because of high demand caused by the recent hot weather. Bateman’s Brewery based at Wainfleet All Saints said this summer’s World Cup had also increased demand. “We have been