Monthly Archive:: February 2007

27 Feb 2007

Drinkers Can’t Judge a Beer by Its Taste, Study Finds

Good beer is not something you should think about. Knowing what’s in a beer, or who made it, can taint your taste buds, a new study finds. Past research has revealed that knowing the brand or other
27 Feb 2007

Professor Jean-Pierre Dufour, has died in Ghana

We have received the sad news today that Professor Jean-Pierre Dufour, has died in Ghana from natural causes. Jean Pierre was last years recipient of the BrewNZ, Life Time Achiever Award. More information to follow as it
26 Feb 2007

Boutique beers strut their stuff

Beer is still the nation’s drink of choice, cornering more than two thirds of the market, and the turnout at the festival in Auckland was proof of that. Some 6,000 punters attended the sold out event, according
25 Feb 2007

True brew

Selling someone a beer can be a tough business – particularly when you have a small operation. MIKE MATHER caught up with the three new local “boutique” brewers taking on the big boys. Alongside the “big two”
23 Feb 2007

NZ Alcohol consumption continues to rise

According to Statistics New Zealand, which issued alcohol consumption figures today, the popularity of alcopops was the leading contributor to a new high in the total volume in 2006. Beer remained the most popular type of alcoholic
23 Feb 2007

Brewers braced for soaring costs in 2007

Poor harvests for hops and barley, together with mounting energy bills, are set to significantly increase cost pressures on all brewers this year. “It wasn’t a good barley harvest in the UK [in 2006] because conditions were
13 Feb 2007


Things the world never knew it needed: TOKYO – Great news for beer and milk lovers: A liquor shop owner in Japan’s largest dairy farming region has stopped crying about local spilled milk and started making beer
11 Feb 2007

Monday Morning Frivolity

While nothing can quite surpass the sight of England winning the Tri-Series, here are a couple of Monday morning beer snippets which defy classification. First up, stunning survey results from the US: Wine consumption among NASCAR fans
8 Feb 2007

Petition grows against beer glass ban snobbery

Beer connoisseurs are rallying on-line to protest against a decision to ban glasses at the Blenheim Blues, Brews and Barbecues event while still allowing much flimsier glasses at the Wine Marlborough festival. An on-line petition protesting the
8 Feb 2007

Lion Nathan seeks interest in Auckland brewery

Brewery giant Lion Nathan warned yesterday that conditions in New Zealand were increasingly difficult, but it was confident of meeting previous profit guidance due to solid Australian sales. For the three months ended December, total beer volume