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23 Apr 2007

Steam Brewing Company – Background

Steam Brewing Company is a brewery and contract beverage manufacturer and bottler. Located in Otahuhu, Auckland. A range of beverages can be produced in this plant. Beer, Soft Drinks, Juices (carbonated and non-carbonated), Energy Drinks, RTD’s, Water
23 Apr 2007

Wigram Brewery wins gold at Aust awards

Wigram Brewery Company’s Christchurch-based owners are more effervescent than usual after taking out a gold medal at an international competition. The medal for their German dark lager – Munchner Dunkel – came at the prestigious Australian International
19 Apr 2007

New Breweries and a Beer Festival

A couple of interesting new items from the in-box here at global headquarters: The Dominion Post did a profile on the new K.E.A Brewery saying: “K.E.A. Brewing is the newest kid on the block in New Zealand’s
19 Apr 2007

“Are you linking to me?”

Reprinted with the kind permission of the Wellingtonian newspaper, this article starts off talking about Speights, Tui and Emerson’s but is actually about the Invercargill Brewery. The April session at Cellar Vate tested the veracity of that
19 Apr 2007

Beer 101

Here are the two latest Salient columns: “While telling students where to drink can be a bit like telling the French how to surrender, there are at least three valid reasons to provide you with some insider
19 Apr 2007

NEWS FLASH: Beer is the basis of civilization as we know it.

Charlie Bamforth, who has the dream job of Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Brewing Science at the University of California, said that computers, the iPod, Silcon Valley and space travel all owe their development to beer. He says
19 Apr 2007

Best thing to happen to Beer in NZ this year

The Malthouse in Wellington has recently opened in its new location at 48 Courtney Place. They have really kicked beer up a notch for New Zealand. Beyond the excellent selection of beers on tap and massive selection
19 Apr 2007

Dutch beer cartel hit by 275m fine

DUTCH brewing giants Heineken and Grolsch have been fined by European regulators after being found guilty of price fixing. Heineken received the biggest fine of 219.3 million (£148.5m), as it has the largest share of the market
17 Apr 2007

Speight’s Great Beer Delivery

Speight’s announces the Speight’s Great Beer Delivery Salvation on its way to desperate kiwis in the UK… via Samoa, Panama, the Bahamas and NYC Speight’s announced this afternoon the greatest epic its ever attempted – the Speight’s
12 Apr 2007

No news here: Craft beer sales strong

US Craft Beer: Here are some headlines from past years: 2001: Craft beer sales up 4.2%2002: Craft beer sales top $3.3 billion2003: Craft beer sales surge2005: Craft beer sales soar2006: Craft beer sales soar Do you see