Monthly Archive:: July 2007

30 Jul 2007

The Best of New Zealand – Epic Pale Ale – Best Beer

We have so much to be proud of in New Zealand, but you might be forgiven sometimes for thinking that our main pastoral industry was tall-poppy lopping. So here, with a wide-ranging but by no means exhaustive
26 Jul 2007

Beer Haiku: Sometimes

More Friday fun from the brilliant Beer Haiku Daily (“A simple poem each day to celebrate one of life’s simple pleasures”). Sometimes – by Captain Hops Sometimes just a sipCan restore my faith in manand sometimes it
26 Jul 2007

Lion Nathan to sell NZ brewery for $162m

Lion Nathan said today it is selling its Auckland brewery site to AMP Capital Investors for $162 million, and will build a new New Zealand manufacturing plant for $250 million. “A once in 50-year investment was needed
25 Jul 2007

Monteith’s – testing taste buds for ten years

From Monteiths: Sharpen up your taste buds! The country’s longest-running beer and wild food festival is set to be served up at a restaurant near you again in 2007. And in the event’s 10th year, the organisers
25 Jul 2007

Recent Tastings

It’s been a very busy week for beer tastings so here are the reports from three recent events including the winners of the popular vote: The big one was the Belgian beer tasting at Cellar Vate: Sixty
23 Jul 2007

Hats Off to Hallertau

Most micro brewers I’ve met are what Barry Crump would have called “damn good bastards”. They tend to beaver away in relative obscurity, producing beers that are far better than anything the big names turn out. They
20 Jul 2007

Beer Haiku: A legend in my own mind

As a new Friday feature, I’ll be posting one of the best poems from Beer Haiku Daily (“A simple poem each day to celebrate one of life’s simple pleasures”). Our first offering is titled “A legend in
19 Jul 2007

Top honour for pub which takes its role seriously

It used to be the local library, now it’s the local. Galbraith’s Alehouse has won the Pub of the Year award at the New Zealand Bar Awards. Owner and brewer Keith Galbraith said Kiwis “are drinking less
17 Jul 2007

Pub of the Year

According to the NZ Herald, the Dux de Lux in Christchurch has just walked off with the pub of the year award. Well done! Great to see a winner who supports craft beer. That said, if I
17 Jul 2007

Early Bird Deadline Nets 158 Beer Entries

Early Bird entries are now closed for the BrewNZ Beer Awards with 158 beer entries being received. Final entries close 15th August 2007. Entry Fee:$120.00 for Brewers Guild of New Zealand Members$150.00 for Non Guild Members Deadline