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30 Oct 2007

Pure Blonde Beer Ad

30 Oct 2007

Trouble brewing for beer makers

Small brewers from Australia to the US face the daunting prospect of tweaking their recipes or experimenting less with new brews thanks to a worldwide shortage of one key beer ingredient and rising prices for others. Full
25 Oct 2007

Beer Haiku Friday

Today’s Beer Haiku just sums up my plans perfectly. It is called “Ahhhh” and is by Captain Hops. Deep blue skies, cool breezelong liquid lunch break on deckyou know work can wait Glass Tip – The erstwhile
22 Oct 2007


I thought posting this might be fun just to see what comments we got. Not sure if this was a joke posting or a serious one. Read and make up your own mind, and please post your
19 Oct 2007

Beer Haiku Fridays – the World Cup Edition

The Beer Haiku World Cup Disaster seemed appropriate for this week. It is by Gary O Johnson. All Blacks lose to FranceAnd Aussies lose to EnglandChimay to forget Glass Tip – Beer Haiku Daily
17 Oct 2007

Final Salient Columns for 2007

Here are the final two Salient columns for the year. The first is my own personal beer awards for the best and worst of 2007: Beers I wrote about too much this yearFlame – least deserving cult
11 Oct 2007

Beer Haiku – Day Dreams

Chances are many of us have felt like Captain Hops when he penned this masterful Haiku Day Dreams A beer with my lunchtakes me out of the rat racefor too short a time Glass Tip – those
10 Oct 2007

Beerly Writing: Salient

This is the 600th post on the Real Beer blog and it contains two more beer columns from Salient. The first is a report on the Brew NZ Beer Awards 2007: The lovely city of Wellington recently
9 Oct 2007

Beer News around the World

Some slightly off-beat news snippets from the world of beer today. Nigerians’ taste for Guinness outstrips Irish from Stuff: [Guinness] sales in Britain fell 3 percent and in Ireland by 7 percent in the year to June,
8 Oct 2007

Will biofuel leave the poor hungry?

“If you start to fuel cars with crops,” says Ed Matthew, “you are instantly putting the world’s one billion starving people in competition with the world’s one billion motorists. It’s as simple as that.” Green groups and