Monthly Archive:: November 2007

29 Nov 2007

Backbencher Beer of the Year

Traditionally, the final Cellar Vate beer tasting of the year is a “best of the best” competition where the top beers from the preceding tastings are pitted against each other. This year, nine beers were tasted. Each
29 Nov 2007

Beer Haiku – Cooking with Beer

I personally love cooking with beer. Beer can add depths of flavour to practically any dish. There are whole websites and cookbooks devoted to cooking with beer. One of my favourites is Lucy Saunders’ excellent This
27 Nov 2007

Shakespeare pub sale brewing

Former All Black hooker Ron Urlich is selling his historic Auckland pub in a deal which some market experts say could fetch up to $5 million. (6pm, 5th December @ The Shakespeare = Brewers Xmas Drinks +
27 Nov 2007

Breweries have only got themselves to blame for flat sales

It’s no wonder that beer sales are down when bland brands dominate our public houses. The brewers need to look at their relationships with their customers, the communities they serve and their tenants. First of all, they
23 Nov 2007


K.E.A Brewing, home of Admirals and New Munster, closes its doors today with both Brands set to disappear. K.E.A achieved many successes within its short life span. The creation of three new Brands covering nine products, The
22 Nov 2007

Beer Haiku Friday – The First Beer

Captain Hops has dedicated today’s Haiku to the ancient who decided – for whatever reason – to drink “the first glop that was likely the result of water getting into their stash of grain or bread? Anyway…
21 Nov 2007

Bright news for good beer

Plummeting pint sales reflect a struggle for the big brewers, but quality local ales are flourishing The reasons for the decline are complex. Many consumers are bored with “drinking the advertising”. They are looking for new tastes
21 Nov 2007

Get your Xmas beer from Limburg

Get your Xmas beer direct from Limburg Beer Co. Our award winning boutique beers include; – Hopsmacker Best Pale Ale 2004– Czechmate Best International style lager 2006/2007– Witbier Gold Medal 2003 See our website for further details
21 Nov 2007

Lion Nathan to build new $250m brewery

The new Auckland facility was expected to be up and running in about four years, Lion said. It said premium beer sales grew strongly, driven by international brands, particularly Corona, and the launch of the Steinlager Pure
21 Nov 2007

Price of a pint ‘could rise 60%

The average price of a pint of beer could hit £4 after poor weather forced up the price of hops. “It is a bleak time for everyone,” said Iain Lowe, research and information manager at Camra. “These