Monthly Archive:: August 2008

29 Aug 2008

Beer O’Clock: The Shakespeare

I’d visited a few times and always enjoyed their beers. Sadly, a recent visit to “the Shake” confirmed reports that beer quality has been in a major slump for some quite time. In order to get an
28 Aug 2008

Beer Haiku Friday – With Apologies

Today’s Beer Haiku sounds strangely familiar… The Dave Undis Lonely Hearts Club Band presents “With Apologies“: What would you do ifI ran out of beer? Would youStand up and walk out… Glass Tip – The most excellent
27 Aug 2008

BEERVANA – Festive Brews – Be There OR Miss Out

Beervana is offering beer drinkers of New Zealand, not only the best selection of beers ever brought together under one roof in New Zealand, but a hand full of beers never seen before, especially in one place.
26 Aug 2008

Part Time Brewer – The Temperance

Wellington We’re looking for an enthusiastic and passionate brewer to become part of the furniture in this newly established brewpub. You’ll be brewing beer, so naturally you’ll need a keen interest in the beverage and the ability
26 Aug 2008

Foster’s suffers massive fall in profit

BREWING and wine major Foster’s has posted a massive 88 per cent fall in annual profit, with the company taking a $603 million hit to the value of its global wine business while offering investors little assurance
26 Aug 2008

Australians Prefer Healthy, Eco-Friendly Liquor

Over the next two years, Australians’ liquor preferences are expected to change dramatically – with a new “healthy for me, the planet, uncomplicated and authentic” drinks trend emerging, a Nielsen survey released Thursday found. “Consumers are demanding
26 Aug 2008

Mr “Bean Rock” dies

Businessman and fashion designer Richard Holden died after a long illness at home in Auckland yesterday. Mr Holden was a former managing director of Kirkcaldie and Stains and head of Foster’s brewery New Zealand. He headed the
23 Aug 2008

Paris – How not to serve a beer

I now regret popping into Paris on Friday night for a quick beer. Paris is an architecturally gorgeous bar on Lambton Quay in Wellington. It reappeared on the scene after the Dog and Bone, one of three
21 Aug 2008

Beer Haiku Friday – Inevitable

It’s Friday which means it is time for the absurdly popular Beer Haiku Friday. Today’s offering is from Dave Undis and is called “Inevitable”: Once upon a timethere was a bottle of beer.Now it is empty. Glass
20 Aug 2008

Beerly Tasting: It’s been too long

Always the biggest tasting session of the year, Belgian Beers at Cellar-Vate: While some of the 45 keen people packed in the Cabinet Room at the Backbencher may have been marking the national day of Belgium, I