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28 Sep 2008

Beer – The only known cure for a case of the “Mondays”

Here is the full report on the latest tasting session at the Backbencher: The theme for the September session of the Cellar-Vate beer tasting club was the unique “Dark and Ducky.” This moniker was devised to cover
26 Sep 2008

New Zealanders are not heavy drinkers

#16 New Zealand – Kia Ora! | Cheers! * 77 liters per person. * The two leading breweries in New Zealand, Lion Nathan and DB Breweries, control almost two thirds of volume sales between them. * Compared
25 Sep 2008

Beer Haiku Friday – Long Beer Lists

This Haiku by Captain Hops was written about Max’s Taphouse but could equally apply to the Malthouse: A beer list so longHe finishes his first beerWhile reading it Glass Tip – Beer Haiku Daily
25 Sep 2008


Yes, that’s right – sometime in September, some looser has lifted it from the Mussel Inn mantelpiece and there’ll be no competition if there aint no trophy. Anyone who knows anything which will lead to the return
23 Sep 2008

Pot Kettle Black – A Black IPA?

This post was originally published on this sitePosted by “Yeastie Stu”I had never before heard of the term “Black IPA” but the term has been bandied about through the beer geek community following the relase of our
23 Sep 2008

REVIEW: Beer to knock your socks off

Beer reviewer Ric Oram reviews the latest creation from local brewer Green Man, fermented with champage yeast to pack a wallop. Dunedin brewer Green Man has produced, at 14.5%, what is probably the strongest commercial beer made
21 Sep 2008

10 Food & Beer Pairings NOT to Try

People carp about food and beer pairings, griping that they’re just made up pretentions that have no right being associated with something as inclusive and democratic as beer. “It’s the drink of the common man,” they cry,
20 Sep 2008

A Sunday Beer Sampler

There was a unique theme for the IRD Social Club beer tasting on Friday night: Although the room was done up in its “traditional” Oktoberfest decorations consisting of German flags and pictures of David Hasselhoff with his
20 Sep 2008

September Salient Points

This Salient magazine column casts an Eye Over the Monteith’s Beer and Wild Food Challenge results: Over at the Southern Cross, their wild boar loin was guarded by a “jelly which will stare you down.” Like a
18 Sep 2008

Beer Haiku Friday – President 2008

The US Elections are just 47 days away. To avoid political squabbles on a beer blog, here is a non-partisan haiku by Captain Hops: Here’s a candidatethat we all can get behind.Beer for President! Glass Tip –