Monthly Archive:: October 2008

30 Oct 2008

Beer Haiku Friday – Scary as Ale

It is, apparently, Halloween so a suitably spooky Beer Haiku seemed in order. This one pokes a bit of gentle fun at the Americans inexplicable infatuation with pumpkin ales, particularly at this time of the year. It
30 Oct 2008

Beer Blogs

My second Malthouse blog is now up and is titled “From the Ivory Tower to the Brew House.” It covers Croucher The Hef and Three Boys Wheat: Brewers are, on the whole, remarkable creatures. From just toasted
28 Oct 2008

Bleak economy’s best investment? Beer

An Australian business news website is reporting that beer is a solid investment option in hard times. A 30-year study of Australian beer sales tracked against the Westpac Consumer Confidence Survey has unearthed compelling evidence that beer
24 Oct 2008

All this and fruit wine too

Turning a hobby into a full time job – one that keeps a roof over your head – sounds like a dream come true. And, when your hobby’s home brewing and you transform that into a money
23 Oct 2008

Beer Haiku Friday – Times are Tough

It is a remarkable fact that Beer Haiku Daily is a more interesting and informed commentator on topical issues than Oliver Driver on the doomed Sunrise show. Today, Captain Hops suggests a simple way through the global
22 Oct 2008


ARTSPACE FREE BEER: Bjorn is doing a talk and beer tasting this Saturday. ARTSPACE, Level 1, 300 Karangahape RoadSaturday 25 October, 3PMTalk and Beer tasting A conversation with Bjornstjerne Christiansen of SUPERFLEX. He will presentthe exhibition If
22 Oct 2008

Buyers Guide – Craft Beer in New Zealand

Craft Beer made in New Zealand has all of a sudden become very interesting and many bar owners and liquor retailers are looking at providing a selection of what is available. With 50 small breweries in New
21 Oct 2008

The Tuesday Two-Pack

The latest column from The Wellingtonian looks at “Great beer and fine dining”: Award-winning chef Martin Bosley is the first to admit that he was totally surprised at the recent Beervana event. “Discovering beer and food matching
20 Oct 2008

Beer and Politics

Even the chronically media-averse amongst you will now be aware that the election campaign is in full swing. Lie and counter-lie fly over the airwaves and the only respite is a nice beer in a great pub
20 Oct 2008

The Great Christchurch Beer Festival

8th November 11am – 11pm Why not make this election day one to remember. After casting your vote (or perhaps before) why not come along to the The Twisted Hop, where we will be hosting Christchurch’s biggest