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31 Dec 2008

Beerly Blogging on New Year’s Day

[Delay in appearing thanks entirely to Blogger time out issues…] Former Mac’s head brewer Colin Paige continues to chronicle his Vietnam adventures with his latest post “Lost in Translation“: Half the time you’ll still wonder what the
30 Dec 2008

Beerly Writing – The Final Round for 2008

From the latest issue of the Free Radical, here is my column on Lagers: Michael Jackson, reminded even hardened ale drinkers that they should not be blinded to the qualities of good, traditional beer made by bottom
26 Dec 2008

NEW BREWERY – Arrow Brewing Company

The men behind Arrowtown’s first boutique microbrewery say they have found a ready market for their traditionally brewed beers. Open a week, the Oak Bar is based in the Royal Oak complex, off Buckingham St, and Arrow
25 Dec 2008

A passion for drinking on the job

Mr Mallon, a softly spoken Scotsman, arrived in Wellington about five years ago and now manages The Malthouse in Courtenay Place. “But my passion came from running a real ale bar in Edinburgh, which I did for
21 Dec 2008

A little brewery called Founders

This post was originally published on this siteWhat is the best possible way to spend a gorgeous summer day when visiting Nelson?Enjoying freshly brewed beer at the Founders brewery bar and cafe of course. Founders is a
21 Dec 2008

12 Most common beer myths exploded

Myth #2: Lite beers will help you lose weight On average, a lite beer will have 90-100 calories, while a regular beer might have under 200. In the grand scheme of things, lite beers will contribute very
21 Dec 2008

Is that a foreign beer or a case of brewer’s dupe?

AS THE festive cheer flows for Christmas and the new year, a storm is brewing over the labelling of premium foreign beers made in Australia. The Australian Consumers Association is demanding clearer, more prominent labels on bottles
19 Dec 2008

Beer Humour – 10 Beers to drink during a Zombie attack

Today my brother sent me a hilarious article. I only wish I had thought to write it first. It could only be cooler if it was about beer, pirates and Chuck Norris. It is by Dick Logan
18 Dec 2008

Beer Haiku Friday – Jumping the Gun

Captain Hops returns with a Haiku called “Jumping the gun“. I suspect this scenario will play out in many New Zealand offices today. Not mine though – I’m lunching with the Epic Imp. Not quite five o’clockBut
17 Dec 2008

The best job ever – Breakfast at Emerson’s Brewery

Everything one could hope for, good food, good company and a breakfast beer!The Weissbier Breakfast laid on by Emerson’s Brewery for their trade clients in Dunedin was very enjoyable. Well I enjoyed it. The menu was a