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26 Feb 2009

DB sells more RTDs but profit down

Selling more Ready-To-Drink brands meant DB Breweries sold more alcohol in the December quarter but profit dropped 28 percent, according to its parent company Asia Pacific Breweries. The company’s financial announcements show its New Zealand arm, which
26 Feb 2009

Green Fern quenches on a warm day

SOMETIMES, well OK, all the time, it’s good to be the beer columnist because you get calls out of the blue about beers you normally would not come across. One such drop is Green Fern Organic Lager
19 Feb 2009

Beer Haiku Friday and Service is Everything

It seems almost compulsory to use both these words in everything published these days so helpfully Captain Hops has written a Haiku called “Stimulus and Bail Out Package“: He needs a bail outAfter too much stimulusLast night
19 Feb 2009

Something old, something new.

This post was originally published on this siteRecently, I was lucky enough to try a bottle of Emersons Old Cascade which my boyfriend, David, had bought directly from the brewery on his recent travels to Dunedin. This
17 Feb 2009

Beerly Writing: Ruffling Some Feathers

In my first Wellingtonian column of the year, I have a look back at my locals over the years and in particular the recently refurbished Featherston Tavern. The column is called “Ruffling Some Feathers“: It is apparently
13 Feb 2009

It must be love.

This post was originally published on this siteValentines Day. The day we are supposed to share our love for one another and all that carry on. When we are supposed to pretend we like wine so we
12 Feb 2009

Beer Haiku Friday – Beer Haiku #4

Today’s Beer Haiku offering is one of Captain Hops’ earliest offerings. It is called “Beer Haiku #4” but has a deeper meaning: never be afraidto order something brand newfrom the tap of life Glass Tip – Beer
12 Feb 2009

An ale of Epic proportions

It’s a sad fact that one of this country’s most highly awarded beers of recent times, Epic Pale Ale, is available from just 250 outlets. Soon, however, that number is set to quadruple to around 1000; but
12 Feb 2009

How Many Hops In My Beer? – Epic Pale Ale

11 Feb 2009

Epic Pale Ale to be brewed in UK

Luke Nicholas, of Epic Brewing Company is going to the UK to brew a batch of Epic Pale Ale for the World’s Biggest International Real Ale Festival. The two week festival is run by giant pub company