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30 Mar 2009

Epic Adventure Part 6 – MadeFromNewZealand

Summary of Luke’s trip to the UK to brew a batch of Epic Pale Ale at Everard’s Brewery in Leicester for the JD Wetherspoons International Real Ale Festival
30 Mar 2009

Anti-beer bias in the mainstream media?

Having been recently accused of being quiet due to living in Hamilton, I thought it was time I climbed up on my soapbox once more. Yes, the Herald are at it again. At least this time they’re
29 Mar 2009

Sunday Fun – English Beers, Pub Reviews and Moose Hunting

Things at the Real Beer Blog have been a bit quiet of late with Luke working in England, me being in Melbourne and Greig living in Hamilton. However, with the Impish Brewer back on board with 1,374
29 Mar 2009

Beer Style – Radler – Trademarked in New Zealand by Heineken

There is some heated debate currently on the Forums regarding the trademarking of the beer style ‘Radler’ by Heineken/DB/Monteith’s in New Zealand. Back Story Here by NBR Should a company be allow to trademark a beer
18 Mar 2009

Falling for Autumn…

This post was originally published on this siteI woke up this morning to grey skies, sporadic drizzle and a biting Wellington wind. Winter is on its way. But as I wrapped myself in several layers of clothing
17 Mar 2009

Something a little Irish…

This post was originally published on this siteIt was March 17th yesterday, which is also known by the Irish, Catholics and stout-lovers as St Patrick’s Day. We Kiwi’s celebrate our Irish heritage (or lack thereof) by spending
12 Mar 2009

Beer Haiku Friday and Mayhem on the Dancefloor

Today’s post has a dancing theme with the Beer Haiku called “So what“: I’m not a rock starBut beer makes me feel like oneSo check my rock moves… From the Malthouse blog, “Mayhem on the Dancefloor” discusses
12 Mar 2009


The Epic beer brand had pride of place on Campbell Live this week with an item extolling the virtues of the beer and its improved sales in the face of the economic downturn. “Packs a punch”, noted
12 Mar 2009

‘Kid Chocolate’ crosses the Bombays

This post was originally published on this siteYeastie Boys ‘Kid Chocolate’ is lined up to cross the Bombays for this weekends Auckland installment of the New Zealand Beer Festival. It has been a long time between drinks
10 Mar 2009

Alcohol in pregnancy may give kids a taste for booze

Alcohol may taste sweeter if you were exposed to it before birth, suggests a study in rats. The findings may shed new light on why human studies have previously linked fetal alcohol exposure to increased alcohol abuse