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30 Jun 2009

A Mild Showdown

This post was originally published on this site Recently, I heard of an interesting beer from Invercargill Breweries: ‘Not on your Nally’ (2.7%). This beer came about when a contract brew of Yeastie Boys Kid Chocolate went
29 Jun 2009

A Special Brew

This post was originally published on this siteI haven’t written a blog entry in a while, partially because my creative energies have been focused elsewhere, and partially because I haven’t had cause to do so. On Saturday,
28 Jun 2009

Beer tastings, so many beer tastings…

On friday night I ran a beer tasting for the good people at Telecom and the report and results are now up on the site: The hardest aspect of last Friday’s beer tasting was finding the right
27 Jun 2009

Recession bites grog sales

“People have said for a long time that beer is recession-proof. Well, that’s not the case,” said DB Breweries corporate affairs manager Mark Campbell. “People are trading down. Where they were spending $20 on a pack of
25 Jun 2009

Beer Haiku Friday – Here for the beer

Today’s beer haiku pretty much sums up my travelling philosophy. It is called “Here for the beer“: Rolling into townSeeing the sights is nice, but…We’re Here for the Beer Glass Tip – Beer Haiku Daily
24 Jun 2009

Tuatara refutes the decline of the Global Economy and a Tasting

From the Malthouse blog, an update on the speedy evolution of Tuatara Brewery and some political jokes in “Tuatara refutes the decline of the Global Economy“: This means that, theoretically speaking, a mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex (if they
18 Jun 2009

The Geoff, Brian and Roger Show

This post was originally published on this siteLast night I attended the ‘Marlborough Brewers Shootout’. A head to head tasting of three Marlborough breweries: Renaissance, Pink Elephant and 666 brewing.Geoff Griggs presented the evening and two brewers
18 Jun 2009

A Trip to the Malthouse Vaults and Beer Haiku Friday Faces the Facts

Today’s beer haiku is direct and to the point. It is called “As a Matter of Fact“: “I like beer” he saidAs if an explanationWas necessary Over at the Malthouse website, “From the Beer Vaults” looks at
17 Jun 2009

That’s a nice beer, if you can get it

McKinlay is the co-founder of Yeastie Boys, a cheeky craft-beer company that unleashed its fourth commercial brew upon the beer-loving public on Tuesday. The result? “Beers that push the envelope a little, educate drinkers about style and
17 Jun 2009

What is Saccharomyces? A very brief mycology lesson.

This post was originally published on this siteSaccharomyces is a fungus.Not the sort of fungus you see when discover ancient sandwiches in your locker, or the sort of fungus you may slice and add to a stir