Monthly Archive:: July 2009

31 Jul 2009

Smokin’ Bishop back on tap

Invercargill Brewery’s first batch of Smokin’ Bishop hadn’t even finished fermenting before it was sold out this year – testament to the award-winning brew’s popularity. Brewer Steve Nally promptly whipped up another 1200 litres of the seasonal
31 Jul 2009

Beer Haiku Friday and Hallertau’s Hopping Good Beers

Today’s beer haiku makes a lot of sense. It is called “Story Teller“: The sounds of laughterAre an excellent soundtrackTo my beer soaked yarns From the Malthouse blog, “Hallertau’s Hopping Good Beers” has a look at the
24 Jul 2009

Beer Haiku and Brew Dogs

Today’s beer haiku seems particularly appropiate for a Friday. It is called “a frickin’ miracle“: He left for the barAt exactly 5 o’clockAgainst all the odds From the Malthouse blog, “who let the Brew Dogs out” takes
21 Jul 2009

Row over name leaves DB in froth

The trademarking stoush between a multinational brewery and a bunch of Kiwi beer enthusiasts over the use of the beer term “radler” is starting to froth. DB Breweries, which is now wholly owned by Singapore-based Asia Pacific
18 Jul 2009

Of Tuataras and The Treasury

Reprinted from the Wellingtonian, my latest column titled “Hatching a new Tuatara“: With the expansion completed, Carl is turning his formidable brewing brain to more new offerings and is planning some special big brews. These, he says,
17 Jul 2009

Radler – the battle lines are drawn

In a cynical, but widely predicted move designed to maximise the distance from May’s negative publicity, DB has waited until the very last day possible to defend its trademarking of ‘radler’, the name of a recognised beer
16 Jul 2009

Beer Haiku and International Brewers Day Tomorrow

Today’s haiku is about beer and food. It is called “That’s Good Eatin’“: She brought me a beerand a Maryland crab cakethe size of my face Glass Tip – Beer Haiku Daily Malthouse blog this week focuses
16 Jul 2009

Epic Journey recreates beer’s most famous voyage

Forty litres of fresh India Pale Ale from Auckland will spend up to six weeks at sea on the Interislander Ferry looking to recreate a recreation of beer’s most famous voyage. In the 1880s, pale ale from
16 Jul 2009

Beer, power, rates push up prices

Those winter staples, electricity and beer, fuelled price rises in the June quarter. Inflation figures out this morning from Statistics New Zealand show the Consumer Price Index rose 0.6% for the June quarter, and 1.9% for the
14 Jul 2009

Beer & Food – A Match Made In Heaven

“It’s time Kiwis woke up to the fact that beer isn’t just for swilling, instead you can have a very civilised and enjoyable dining experience with the right beer and food match. And as responsible hosts, you