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30 Jan 2010

(Belated) Beer Haiku Friday and Beer, Civilisation and Politics Explained

There is over a week to go but planning is already underway for Superbowl Monday. Details are yet to be worked out but it involves American craft beer and cheese burgers. To celebrate, today’s Beer Haiku is
29 Jan 2010

Croucher Pale Ale makes Superbowl Sunday’s ‘Top 10 Gourmet Beers’

This post was originally published on this siteNew York based foodie website ‘’ has published their list of the Top 10 gourmet to enjoy on Superbowl Sunday. The list is made up of beers that originate outside
28 Jan 2010

Hallertau Beer vs Wine Dinner 24th March

21 Jan 2010

Beer Haiku Friday, a New Decade of Quality Beer and The Great Debate: Mild versus Wild

It’s summer – which means rain in Wellington and lightning strikes in Northland, Auckland, Southland, Otago and Dunedin. Here is a beer haiku for all those who have lost power – or are about to – “Power
12 Jan 2010

Happy New Year!!

This post was originally published on this siteHopefully you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We’ve been busy at the brewery preparing ourselves for festival season. We had the Tairua Food & Wine festival last