Monthly Archive:: February 2010

25 Feb 2010

Beer Haiku Friday and Barrels of Beer

Today’s much-anticipated Beer Haiku Friday describes a beer drinkers paradise. It is called “Variety“: Dreaming of a placeWhere they serve an endless streamOf various beers Speaking of beer drinkers paradises*, the latest Malthouse blog looks at the
19 Feb 2010

Croucher Brewing in da HOUSE

This post was originally published on this siteHamilton beer enthusiasts will shortly have good reason to raise their glasses and drink a hearty toast to a new city bar. Full story.
18 Feb 2010

Beer Haiku Friday and What’s in a Name – Sprig and Fern

Today’s Beer Haiku sums up the joy of fishing. It is called “Gone Fishin’“: the fish ain’t bitingbut that’s not really the pointas long as there’s beer The latest Malthouse blog has a look at the history
17 Feb 2010

Strongest beer title ‘reclaimed with Sink the Bismarck’

The flamboyantly competitive Scottish brewery BrewDog has released Sink the Bismarck!, a “quadruple IPA” that they say is the most alcoholic in the world at 41%. BrewDog had previously earned similar attention last year with their then-record-setting
16 Feb 2010

Croucher Pale Ale & Pilsner on fill-your-own at Regional Wines in Welly

This post was originally published on this siteCroucher Pale Ale & Pilsner are on fill-your-own at Regional Wines & Spirits in Wellington for the first time. Get in and grab a rigger or two. The Auckland version
12 Feb 2010

Rotorua’s own Carnaval… February 14, 15 & 16

This post was originally published on this site Rotorua’s own Latin American Carnaval takes place over three days starting this Sunday. Come along and enjoy some vibrant colour, entertainment, fantastic Sabroso food and local Croucher Beer.  
11 Feb 2010

A Touch of Kiwi in Thornbridge Ales and Last Call for Mac’s in Wellington

The latest Malthouse blog looks at how far New Zealand brewing has come in ten years, unveils two Kiwi connections with the ground breaking Thornbridge Brewery in England, details the brewing of a strawberry and pink peppercorn
11 Feb 2010

Beer Haiku Friday – Reward

Today’s Beer Haiku is very post-modern. It is called “Reward“: Taking some time outTo give myself a reward‘Cuz no one else will Glass Tip – Beer Haiku Daily
7 Feb 2010

Croucher ‘Vicar’s Vice’ on-tap from today at Galbraith’s Alehouse, Auckland

This post was originally published on this siteTwo kegs of the very limited Croucher Brewing ‘Vicar’s Vice’ hit the taps at Galbraith’s Alehouse from today. Vicar’s Vice is our big spicy, citrusy Belgian Strong Ale, brewed using
5 Feb 2010

Beer Haiku Friday, Belgian Beers and Tintin (or is it Asterix?)

I could not resist adding in what I consider to be the best beer-themed Haiku about the recent State of the Union address. For local readers, a tall boy is a large container of beer. The poem